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Black Diamond


Limited Edition Haute Couture Collection

Friday 21st June 2019 at 9:30 pm, in the Grimaldi Forum of Monte Carlo has been presented by Maison Arleoni a new precious Limited Edition Haute Couture Collection, “Black Diamond”.

An extraordinary grace and elegance embodies in the BLACK DIAMOND Collection of Unique Pieces, exuding deep inner roots of Haute Couture technics from the past through the future within modernity elaborations which become Master Pieces of Art.

Out of Darkness into the marvellous Light… Magical Black Diamond, an Element of Timeless Style, Symbol of eternal mystery, alluring enigma and charming beauty.

As well an endearing brightness of the Black Diamonds, Gender Fluid edge plays a part as a central story in the Black Diamond Collection.

Superb structured shapes capturing the eyesight and revealing from every angle, new and wonderful details with spectacular combination of precious embroideries.

Sophisticated materials together with fabulous elaborations are to enhance the beautiful bones of the fascinating Diamond Cut-Inspired patterns.

Balanced combination of various shades of Black with all the chromatic harmony, characterized by intense and evocative charm as an absolute ”Poésie de l'émotion”.

The Collection has an essential creativity and highest artistic expressions to be captured in surprising way and reflects the priceless value and authenticity of Haute Couture as an art work.

32 perfectly hand tailored and Jewel-Like embroidered outfits of Black Diamond Collection are supreme spirit of Limited Edition Haute Couture created as a Fairytale where impossible becomes possible.

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